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The Night Never Gives Me Sleep...
Fabric dyed and freehand machine embroidered works on raw silk

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Jan. 7 - 30, 2022 -  Exhibition "Stitched Emotion II" at Stoddart Cottage, Diamond Harbour.

Feb. 1 - 24, 2019 -
Exhibition "Stitched Emotion I" at Stoddart Cottage, Diamond Harbour.

Apr. 22, 2011 - Sook's gallery in the  Atrs Centre has closed due to the earthquake damages.  For all enquiries please send e-mail to  or
phone  021 0696392

Jan. 3, 2011 -  Sook's gallery has moved back to  Studio #4, The Artist's Quarter, The Arts Centre, Christchuch as the building has reopened since the earthquake. All of Sook's art and craft works can be purchased directly from her at the studio. Open 10.00am - 4.30pm, Mon. - Saturday.  

Sep. 2009
Sook has opened up her studio at Studio #4, The Artist's Quarter, The Arts Centre, Christchuch
May. 2007
NEW  2007 Bold & Beautiful  Collections  are OUT NOW!  more >>   

 Oct. 2005
Textile artist Sook has launched her own brand Sook Collectionspecializing Textileand Freehand machine embroidery craft works...more >>

May 18, 1994
, The Advertiser,  NSW, Australia
Artist Sook has ventured into Korea's painful past and the saga of  "Comfort Women" with her exhibition. The Night Never Give Me Sleep...more >>

May 24, 1992, The Sunday Telegraph, NSW, Australia
It doesn't take an art or fashion enthusiast to appreciate the work in a beautiful collection of Korean robes on show at the University of Wollongong's Long Gallery...more >>

May 22 - June 19, 1992, Tertangala, NSW, Australia
Art galleries are sedate places. One exception is the Long Gallery, which, for the past month, has been crawling with dragons - not beasts of the essay-chasing kind, but tragic symbols of Korean history...more >>

May 18, 1992, Illawarra Mercury, NSW, Australia
When  Sook wears her heart on her sleeve, chances are she's trying to tell a story. And for the 33-year-old Wollongong University postgraduate student, the story closest to her heart is the tragic tale of her family, her country and its history...
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